No hidden costs..

We guarantee you, that we do not charge any extra hidden costs, throughout your entire tour. This website shows you every costs aspects of your holiday. Please take the time to thoroughly read through or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.





No Hidden Costs

CatMaster Tours try to make our tours as simple and as straight forward as possible for your understanding. This is so you know what you are paying for and what you need to pay for once you are in Spain. Our tour price includes all your catfish tackle, a professional guide with a boat for his use, all fishing licenses and local tickets, accommodation, and free airport pickup if required.

Things that are not included are your food and drinks, bait and flights. We have no hidden costs, guaranteed. We also offer our guarantee to catch on your first trip with us, or you will be offered a FREE return trip.

Please be aware when you are looking at all the fishing tour operators in Spain searching for the best deal that you choose a registered company as many are not and you will have no cover if you have any problems. You can easily check if a company is a legally registered company by checking the website from the town where they are based to see if they are listed as fishing or guiding companies (Guia de Pesca) or ask the company themselves where to find their listing.
If they tell you they are not on any guiding registrar or it is not necessary BEWARE!

Here are some of the add-ons by other companies to watch out for which you could be charged for, they offer a tempting price but once there your final bill could double:

1) Cleaning apartments
2) Fuel for boats
3) Fishing licence's
4) Terminal tackle
5) Tackle hire
6) Airport Pickup
7) Bait




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