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This is the meeting point at Barcelona Airport inside terminal 'T2-B'



Three points to look out for when you are deciding which company to choose.

1) The first and most important point to check for is if the company is registered and legal. There are many companies here that are not legal, leaving you open to fraud. To do this, all you need to do is check the website of the town the company is based to see if they are registered as a fishing/guiding company on their website. If they are not listed or tell you it is not necessary, please beware.

2) Many companies advertise a low tour price to encourage you to book with them. Once you are there they then stack on all the extras, even though they tell you there are no hidden costs or charges. Ask for the total price in writing before you book.

3) There are many instant guides on the river claiming to have been there for many years and claiming to have lots of experience. Check out their history if possible and look at their galleries on their website to see how many fish they have caught and to see if they are using other company’s photos to promote their own company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the best time to go?
A: When the weather conditions suit you best, as we catch plenty of Catfish from March until December. We have caught 200lb+ Catfish every month from February until December.

Q: When can I catch the most Catfish?
A: June to October are the best months to fish as the weather is most stable.

Q: When is the best chance to catch a 200 lb+ Catfish?
A: We have caught 200 lb+ Catfish in every month except for January, But the best times are March/April and September to November.


Free Airport Transfers

We offer you a FREE airport pick-up/drop-off service from Barcelona (BCN) airport each Sunday between 12:00pm and 2:00pm by one of our guides in an air conditioned MPV or minibus. Seat belts should be worn at all times for your safety whilst in the vehicles and you are advised you take out personal travel insurance. Any flights booked out of these times will not be eligible for our free service and it will be your responsibility to arrange transportation to us. The meeting place at Barcelona airport is at the statue of the black horse, inside terminal T2-B. If you arrive at terminal T1 you will need to catch the Aerobus to get to terminal T2-B. These buses run every 5 minutes and are a free service. You are then driven the two hour scenic journey to your destination – Mequinenza, taking a short break half way for refreshments.

Once there, you will be shown some of the town’s amenities and the surrounding area before being taken to your apartments where you can unpack and freshen up and prepare for your fishing trip. All flights booked for our free pickup service must be to Barcelona (BCN) Airport and arranged for convenient pickup times for our free airport pickup service. Arrival and departure times must be arranged with the consideration of our pickup times between 12:00pm – 2:00pm, Sunday to Sunday. For your return flight, please allow for travel time from Mequinenza to Barcelona approx 2 hours and either 1 or 2 hours check in time recommended by your chosen airline. We normally leave Mequinenza for the airport at 10:00am on Sunday morning. Flight costs will vary according to the time of the year and holiday periods.

CatMaster Tours can assist you in obtaining flights by giving you a contact number of a fully bonded ATOL holder who will be happy to arrange your flights for you to coincide with CatMaster Tours pickup times. Please note that we do not take payment for flights ourselves, however by ensuring that you are booking with an ATOL holder you can rest assured that your flights are financially protected. Alternatively, you can book your own flights via the internet or travel companies, but before you confirm your flight booking, please check with us that the times and dates are correct and still available to avoid complications later.

Guarantee to Catch

CatMaster Tours guarantee to catch you Catfish on your first trip with us. If you are unlucky enough to return home without catching any Catfish, which is extremely unlikely, we will offer you a return trip FREE of charge except for your travel expenses, food, drinks and bait for the dates of your choice within one year from the date of your trips providing we can accommodate you on your chosen dates.

To qualify for a free trip if you don’t catch, we do expect you to fish sufficient hours and the most productive hours at the time of your tour with us, which you will be advised of by your fishing guide. This is only valid on our 'full week' catfish tour and not on shorter trips or mixed catfish and carp tours.

(it is extremely unlikely that you will not catch with us, in fact almost everyone every year catches Catfish over the magical 100lb with us).



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