Top Lake Caspe...

A brief description on the location of the Top lake also known as the upper lake or Mar de Aragon. Look at our gallery for more pictures of the location










Top Lake – Mar de Aragon

Most of our fishing is done on the Mequinenza stretch of the river Ebro/Segre where we have built up our reputation for catching huge Catfish for our clients. On some occasions when the fishing in Mequinenza is very difficult due to either spawning or flooding, we use `the top lake` which is the next section of the river Ebro above the dam, upstream of our normal fishing areas, as a backup water to catch you some fish. The areas we fish are from Caspe to Chiprana and Escatron. These areas can be very prolific for catching Carp and Catfish but the fish are a lot smaller in size but great fun when fishing is difficult in our normal areas.

Day trips to the top lake may be arranged if you would like to try these areas for a change, but it must be with your fishing guide’s agreement as he only has your best interests in mind and he would only recommend this if he thinks you will do well. Your group may be asked to cover the travel costs if you choose to fish in this area.


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