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We pride ourselves in providing you with the best Carp and Cat fishing holidays available in Spain today. We aim to provide you with the best fishing for the biggest fish with the best equipment for a competitive price with no hidden charges, unlike most other guiding companies. We also *guarantee to catch you Catfish or we offer you a return trip free of charge, that’s how confident we are with our ability and services. We also offer you the maximum hours of fishing available to you by law, from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sun set, this is something that no other guiding company on the river can beat.

We have been operating our professional guiding services in Spain for more than 18 years now and also with 10 years experience fishing the river system prior to this and have built up a client base from more than 75 different countries worldwide that just keep coming back again and again for more and more great fishing with us. This can only mean one thing that we are providing a great service for a great price and we consistently produce the best results.

Please take a look at this site to see what we can offer you on our tours and to see our results in the photo galleries and we are sure you will be impressed with the size of the fish we have produced from the mighty river Ebro system in North East Spain.

We keep the options for our tours simple so everything you need is available to you to make your fishing holiday with us a relaxing, stress free and as rewarding as possible. Other guiding companies offer endless options to try to cater for everyone’s needs but the simple facts with our tours are our one option of a guided tour is so flexible you can get involved as much or as little as you choose with the fishing with the expert guidance of one of our professional fishing guides. Having a guide with you ensures that the fish are treated correctly, you fish the best areas and no rules are being broken. Your guides other duties are to bring you hot or cold food and drinks to the river bank while you are fishing and to make your stay with us as enjoyable and unforgettable as possible.

Why not give us a try, we are sure that you will be back for more!

Catfish Tours

Here you will find all of the information required for our very successful and highly recommended Catfish tours.

Mixed Carp/Catfish Tours

Every year since we started CatMaster Tours back in 2000, we have been asked by our regular clients to offer a mixed Carp and Catfish tour, so here it is!

Carp Tours

Here you will find all the information you will need for our Carp Fishing tours for the Winter time and in the Spring.

Three points to look out for when you are deciding which company to choose...

1) The first and most important point to check for, is if the company is registered and legal. There are many here that are not, leaving you open to fraud. To do this, all you need to do is check the website of the town the company is based to see if they are registered as a fishing/guiding company on their website. If they are not listed or tell you it is not necessary, please beware.

2) There are many companies that have a flashy web site and advertise a low tour price to encourage you to book with them. Once you are there they then stack on all the extras, even though they tell you there are no hidden costs or charges. Ask for the total price in writing before you book.

3) There are also many instant guides on the river claiming to have been there for many years and claiming to have lots of experience. Check out their history if possible and look at their galleries on their website to see how many fish they have caught and to see if they are using other company’s photos to promote their own company. Unfortunately there are also companies out there that have been operating in Spain for several years that provide a very poor service but promise you the world claiming catches that are just not true. It is a difficult decision if you are thinking of fishing the river Ebro for the first time so it is important that you get it right.  We are available every day if you would like to speak directly to us if you have any concerns and we promise to be completely honest with you as we would expect to be treated ourselves.

Call Paul on ~ (+44) 07931 998675 or email him at