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Your destination is the quiet but beautiful town of Mequinenza, overlooked by a beautiful historic castle situated on the junction of the river Segre where it runs into the mighty river Ebro in the heart of the Spanish wilderness. The scenery in the area is breathtaking and unforgettable. The wildlife is amazing as is the fishing, with the river Ebro system becoming an oasis for hundreds of varieties of birds, reptiles and mammals.

The town itself is a quiet town situated along the banks of the river Segre with a population of around 3000 residents. The town is a relatively new town being built during the late 1960’s because of the construction of the dams of the river Ebro for hydro electricity, the old town of Mequinenza was partially flooded. The town has plenty of bars, restaurants, shops and supermarkets to cater for all your needs including two very good fishing tackle shops. There is also a pharmacy, a dentist and a very good medical center in case of any illness or injury. International food and drinks can be delivered to you by your guide while your fishing on the river banks, or you can wait until after you have finished fishing and go to one of the bars to celebrate your catch over a meal and a few drinks and chat to other anglers about the catch of the day.

Local swimming pools. There are two public swimming pools and a paddling pool for smaller children if you are traveling as a family; these are seasonal from mid June until mid September. There is also a very good medical center with emergency facilities, but you need to have a European health insurance card (EHIC) to be entitled to free treatment, without this card or personal holiday insurance you may be asked to pay for any treatment given. The town of Mequinenza is built along the banks of the river Segre. Visit the official Mequinenza Website here